The Annual Festivals

I’m going to guess that 2020 wasn’t what you were hoping for, but that doesn’t mean 2021 can’t be an amazing year for you! The first volume in THE FESTIVAL SERIES is now available.

The Festival Series will launch in Tallinn, bringing together the best of poker, casinos, and sportsbooks in one location. You read that right: on the 7th-13th of June, 2021, we are taking our show on the road.

What, therefore, sets this festival apart from the rest?

To begin, The Festival Series is put on by a group of hard-partying, long-time gamblers whose sole goal in life is to throw the best parties possible. They’ve taken everything they’ve learned and made it into something truly exceptional, all while paying close attention to feedback from players like you.

Tour stop in Tallinn will feature competitive Roulette and Blackjack events, and Tour stop in Bratislava will feature competitive Sportsbetting. Poker cash games and tournaments in all the standard formats are also part of The Festival Series’ lineup of exciting events. You can skip sleep altogether because the 7-day event is constantly going on. Come hang out with some new people and catch up with your old pals!

Visit for details and to register for the main event with a €550 buy-in. You may brush up on the rules of Roulette and Blackjack by reading our handy guides. So, why are you stalling? Come join in the fun, check out THE FESTIVAL SERIES!

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